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Stream Construction & Oilfield Services COMPANY safety mission statement

Stream Construction & Oilfield Services Company is committed to protecting employees, clients and the general public on all our projects. This premise is a company value of great importance. Our goal is zero incidents. The following guiding principles will evidence this philosophy and our future success:

  • Our team from president to line supervisors are responsible to support and monitor the safety, health and risk management process for all.
  • The line of authority is responsible to lead and implement the safety, health and risk management process.  Supervision will possess the skills commensurate with project responsibilities. All employees must comply with safety, health and risk management requirements. We will work towards continuous improvement, and foster a culture that places safety, health, and risk management as our paramount business objective.
  • The emphasis is now and will continue to be on the safety, health and risk management of all.
  • Our approach to safety will STREAM though our everyday project management procedure.



Throughout the year Stream Construction & Oilfield Services Company schedules new and re-certification trainings required for all employees to ensure safe work practice. These trainings include:



All employed personnel receive interactive safety orientation that details hazard abatement in the field. To ensure that comprehension is commensurate with our required commitment, all newly hired employees must successfully complete an orientation written exam.



We at Stream Construction & Oilfield Services Company are aware that project conditions are subject to change. Often preconceived safety objectives, tasks, and assurances may not meet the project objectives if and when conditions change. Stream Construction & Oilfield Services is highly aware of this and actively monitors risk and abatement methods utilized. We will update and refresh our approach as necessary to ensure the safe work environment our personnel deserve.